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IT Company

Small enterprises often prefer employees with little knowledge of IT to solves the common technical problems experienced by the company. Whereas it is the best way of cutting the operational cost in a company, it is not a sustainable long-term solution for any growing organisation and it is best to hire IT services in Dublin.


It not only derails your organisational against meeting its goals, but it is also a waste of resources and time. The most successful enterprises often opt to outsource IT services in Dublin. It will take away the burden of IT worries off tour shoulders. When you are looking for the most suitable IT Company, here are some factors to consider.


Short Term Contract


Every IT company is looking to seal a long-term contract with any company that comes its way. It is a good practice for them but bad for the sustainability of your organisation. If you are unhappy with your IT service provider, you should be able to walk away on your terms.


The best company is one that ties you less than three months, with an option of either renewing the contract or walking away. To suit the demands of the upcoming small enterprises, most IT companies opt to offer their services under short contracts.


Proactive Approach to Management


The best IT Company is one that is familiar with your organisation. It should know your working environment. Besides, it should help the organisation in choosing the best efficient IT tools in the market.


Also, it should hold a regular meeting with your company to discuss how technology will help in strengthening the goals of the company. Lastly, it should come up with a plan of promoting your company into achieving its technological goals.


Experience, Proper Certification, and a Continuous Training Program


You might have previously come across IT experts who will come and learn about your systems and issues. They thrive on trial and error. Such companies should be avoided like a plague. The best way to gauge their expertise is through their certification.


Microsoft, for instance, certifies IT companies using their products. Before giving a contract to any IT company, ask them for certification and how often their certification is renewed. Unlike other professions, IT is dynamic. Therefore, there should be an on-going training program. Part of their budget should be set aside for employee training.


Adequate Expertise in Data Security


Unlike the past, data security is paramount for your organisation. It should be wrapped in every department. Look for an IT company that can come up with a security plan that suits your company perfectly. They need to have a perfect understanding of the industry.


To stay updated on cybersecurity, an on-going program on the same is paramount. This kind of threats are not constant, they evolve, and it is essential for technology experts to stay up to date. Any IT company that assures your company of no future data breach threats do not understand how data security works.


Transparency is Key


Immediately walk away from an IT firm that does not offer a clear answer over an issue. This is a company that will have full access to your data. They should be as transparent as possible. Do not accept anything less than that.

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