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Network Security Monitoring, also termed as Security Even Monitoring or Security Information Monitoring is a tool to protect your organization by detecting threats, gauging suspicious activities, identifying the intruders as well as other vulnerabilities occurring externally or internally.


It involves accumulating data and evaluating it to provide companies with an opportunity to identify intruders and potential threats that exist within the network. Organizations use Network Security Monitoring to prevent a direct attack on suppliers, customer as well as other entities. However, the process is relatively complex and there are numerous challenges that have to face in network security monitoring.

Below are six significant challenges of network security monitoring:




Downtime is one of the hard-hitting problems of network security monitoring. As per the Gartner estimate, companies working without the network support professionals is losing dollars due to 175 hours of downtime that could lead to loss of $7 million per year. Loses have gone beyond measure for organizations leading to near collapse situation.


Configuration factors


Despite many violations, organizations are often unable to configure the present defenses, and this is one of the substantial challenges that exist in network security monitoring. Target breach is the most common practice followed by attackers. They get access to soft spots at the point-of-sale causing business to lose its integrity assurance in the market. High profile incident have been reported where billions of dollars were stolen.


Detect incidents and sensitive regions of a complicated situation


Breaches cannot be avoided despite best efforts. The complexity of devices, system, communication protocols can make it difficult to point out the areas of violations and, security vulnerabilities. Ensuring efficient communication between dives that is highly-secure is a solution to the problem.


Efficient communication among devices


A major challenge of network security monitoring is to make sure that the interaction between applications could service and devices are protected from potential threats. In certain practices, devices do not use encrypt messages before sending them to the network. Adopting standards like TLS and transport encryption can hugely help in isolating the devices to ensure confidentiality in the transmitted data.


Insider threats


As per an Insider Threat Report in 2017 around 53 percent of companies calculated remediation costs to be around $100,000. Around 12 % more have noticed threats that surmount to be more than $1 million. Rest 7% have reported extreme vulnerability to insider threats.


Constant updates


Organizations often overlook the fact that not updating their devices opens them to hackers and there is a rise in potential breaches. The challenge is to take security extra seriously and ensure there is no risk attached to the devices.


To conclude


The approach to fight back such challenges must be to adopt a layered network design to ensure security while managing threats and issues in devices, could-based apps, and services as well as data and mobile. Another approach should be to incorporate security by-default which will enable to maintain integrity. We provide efficient network support solutions to keep security problems at bay and ensure a smoother experience to our esteemed clients.

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