EverythingIT align the the standards of the certifications necessary to provide businesses with the assurance that they are working with some of the most accountable and well-trained experts in ICT.

Process Certifications
Some of our certifications as well as our roadmap to acquiing certifications refer to the integrity of our company's integrated organisational management systems.

Some of these process certifications that we are working towards include:
  • ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2007 for Environmental Management
  • ISO 27001:2005 for Information Security Standard

Product Certifications
A product certification goes beyond being able to use the product. Our team of experts have tried, tested, and applied these products extensively to uncover how they can best help different businesses and in a variety of ways.

Some of our product certifications include:
  • Novell certifications
  • Microsoft certification
  • IBM certification
  • VM Ware certification
  • Comtia certification

Our list of certifications continues to grow by the day. Contact us today to confirm we are fully certified to use the product that you believe will best serve your business.