Values of EIT


Visibility – Accountability – Transparency
At EverythingIT, we hold ourselves accountable not only for the work that we perform for our clients, but also, we hold ourselves accountable to the environment and the footprint which we are leaving behind.

Our Promise to Our Clients
The Board of Directors at EverythingIT has created the company's Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Strategy. This document outlines our objectives with respect to Information Security, Data Protection, Environmental & Energy Management, and it details how we make sure that we continue to operate to the highest quality standards. Through this document (which is available upon request), we ensure that our company is held to the highest levels of social, commercial, and economic integrity.

Our Promise to Our Environment
As a progressive client-facing organisation which uses technology in our every day activities and in support of client services, we appreciate the importance of Environmental & Energy Management. We recognize that this will have a large impact on the economic and social sustainability of not only our company, but also, everyone worldwide. This is why our company has self-imposed policies which promote serving the client as well as the environment (such as opting to use materials from an environmentally responsible supplier).
Our team here at EverythingIT welcomes any and all feedback you may have regarding our strategy. We invite you to contact us today with your concerns or suggestions