Building the Right Solution for You
Our company does not provide “one-size-fits-all” solutions to our clients. We provide customized solutions which address your unique business needs.

In the event where a specific demand is not met, or in order to optimize a solution, our team of professionals will design, build, and manufacture the right solution for your company. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization.

A remote backup service in the UK takes large amounts of data and information from computers and servers and transmits them securely to an off-site location to the service provider. There are many applications where this can be beneficial for a client business. The traditional legacy methods of backing up data and storing it off-site is in the form of a physical tape backup that first has to be produced and then transported to an off-site location. This requires a catalogue process to ensure that the information can be retrieved in the event it is needed. Using today’s state-of-the-art technology, a secure network, a remote backup service in the UK automates and optimises this process making it much easier and cost-effective. For this reason, more client businesses are taking advantage of remote backup services in the UK to store their mission critical data.

The purpose of protecting data using a remote backup service in the UK is to provide the necessary backups for a disaster recovery plan in the event of an interruption. The automated remote backup services in the UK extract data from specific IP addresses and store them on their own servers.

The disaster recovery solution is a restore process to an alternate IP address identified as the recovery server.

The process of backup and recovery are streamlined, optimised and worked efficiently. Large amounts of data can be backed up and restored to alternate locations in their original form. The backup can safeguard any formats of data such as programs, applications, directories, documents, databases, video, and audio files.

The cost effectiveness of remote backup services in the UK comes from the scalable solutions offered by the provider. A subscription level of service is determined by the frequency of backups in the volume of activity. Many businesses begin with primary mission critical data at a smaller level and later find that additional data and information complement the mission critical data. Today’s interlacing and interfacing of data and information require a significant amount of data to be backed up and protected. For example, the mission critical master files need to be complemented by transaction files and backed up together. By using transaction files to post against master files, a newer resulting master file is created allowing for a more current backup scenario. Businesses that want a true reliable backup with integrity of data take remote backup services in the UK seriously and subscribe to their specific needs.

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