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Managing and ensuring the security of a network and then doing a report can be very difficult. This is why a lot of businesses are opting to hire a network management provider in order for them to get more benefits in controlling their businesses without worrying about network support.


With a provider for network management, your business can benefit from a lot of advantages such as geographical reach, tight security, quality performance, and hosted data services. Now that you are convinced about getting a network management provider, let us look into some of the questions you would want to ask your shortlist of providers in order to narrow down the options until you only have one that is right for you.


What is the Level of Your Network’s Resilience?


It is already a given fact that the providers that you interview will say that their network is more resilient compared to others. However, is there a way that they can actually prove it? When you look for a provider, it is important that they have a failover included in their network. This means that their infrastructure can find alternative paths in case one connection fails so that it does not disrupt your operations.


It is also important for you to ask if they have some sort of a backup network in case their main one fails to work.


What is Your Network’s Level of Security?


Security is the main issue of any business. Every business will somehow have sensitive information that will go through the network so it is important that the network is secure and free of any potential threat that might steal data from you.


This might be an area that is quite hard to measure but there are a couple of things that you can ask the probable provider about such as their security policies, obedience to standard regulations, and availability of intrusion detection systems.


How Do You Secure a High Network Performance?


Network performance is not just all about the speed. It is true that a network with a higher bandwidth and speed can provide a higher capacity and can provide you with an environment that lets you operate more complex business tasks. However, it is not just that. You also have to think about the quality of service and their contention management capabilities..


Moreover, it is also important to know if the provider has future plans of making more resources available when they want to improve on the previously mentioned areas.


Is the Network Flexible and Scalable?


It is important that you look into the flexibility of the network. This means that the network they provide should be able to support newer technologies without having the need to add more infrastructure or even expense. Ask the provider if they have the ability to support multiple cloud services like voice, Internet, data backup, and business VPNs to all of the sites you have.


Ask if their network support is MPLS as that type of network is scalable in nature. Also, do not forget to ask if the addition of new technologies will have an effect on the current service you have. Moreover, you can also ask if remote workers are also able to access their network with ease.

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