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IT support informally known as tech support provides indispensable service both within the organization, as well as external support for their products. It provides assistance to the users of technology products like Computers, Laptops, and Mobile Phones etc. It addresses the specific problem with a product or service.

Almost all the IT (Information Technology) companies have a support staff working for them. They form an invaluable part of the firm, and are indispensable to the organization. Any technical errors in the system or daily bugs, are reported, and remedied by the tech staff. This is mostly the tradition with large companies to have internal technical support.

Many of these IT companies also offer technical support for the products they sell or manufacture, either free or for a price, for e.g. Insurance of your vehicle, which has to be updated as and when required. Only if the car is insured, are you eligible for service, or else you may have to pay a mean penny to have your car serviced.

Most consumers prefer the warranty against a product to be for a substantial period of time, so that they can avail of tech support for free. After the warranty against a product expires, the companies start charging for their services, a nominal fee.

If you are looking for IT Support in Dublin, technical support, nowadays, are delivered over e-mail, live support, or through websites. Consumers can now even call customer care and register their complaint with the support staff.

This is basically raising a ticket or issue in company terms. This ticket is then verified and the issue resolved by the IT support service.

The internet can also be a good source for free technical support, for experienced users. Almost all big IT brands offer sources of technical help, to their customers for free. They have a rich library or database of tech support to user problems.

Different categories of IT support are:

1.) Time and Materials IT support: Consumer has to pay for the materials like hard drive, memory card etc., and also for the technician’s service charges when a problem occurs.

2.) Managed Support: Managed support means companies provide 24*7 of support that is generally at a fixed price or variable per hour rate. These services include well-defined ‘response and resolution’ times. It may include monitoring of servers, help desk support, and even provisions for technician support when issues cannot be fixed remotely.

3.) Block Hours

4.) Crowdsourced IT support

Outsourcing technical support: Many companies have started outsourcing their services to foreign countries, at a reduced cost. This is due to the ever increasing demand to provide technical support. Dell was amongst the first ones to outsource their technical services.

Multi-tiered technical support: A multi-tiered IT Support in Dublin is when technical support is divided into several tiers and its sub-levels. This is done keeping in mind that all technical issues are not of the same importance, and different levels help define the resolution and response times needed for issues in the system or elsewhere.

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