Backup Services

Computer crashes, hard drive failures, virus infections, theft of hardware... Each of these scenarios are prime reasons why businesses should backup and have duplicate copies of their most important information saved in another remote location.

At EverythingIT, we provide this vital security service to our clients. Should your system fail or hardware be misplaced, our ICT infrastructure and network of support services will have backed up and stored that imperative information which you need to run and manage you business.

Why an External Hard Drive Is Not Enough
Backing up your information is crucial. But what you are copying that information to is even more important.

Another hard drive is not enough. Having a third-party client such as EverythingIT who holds themselves to the highest security standards is key in truly protecting your information and ensuring that it remains accessible only to those who should have access to it.

For more information on how we can keep your information safely stored and protected from unwarranted third parties, contact us today.