Hosted Services

Demands – Needs – Cost
EverythingIT has everything necessary to take care of all of your hosting and server-related issues. We offer a wide range of hosted services such as Desktop and Software as a Service solutions, which cater to the different needs of our clients.

Our hosted services not only eliminates the need for many organizations to hire and pay their own in-house IT staff, but also, they lead to significant improvement in IT performance. Our solutions are simple and user-friendly, so clients from any industry and with any level of IT experience can easily use and work with them.

The EverythingIT Difference
When you hire EverythingIT to manage and host your services, you are not only removing the physical presence of the IT infrastructure from what may already be a small space. You are able to take advantage of the experience of a team of dynamic accredited specialists who have worked with everything ranging from traditional copper and fibre connections to wireless networks and MPLS.

We pride ourselves on providing highly reliable and cost effective off-site backup. Our company has a range of scalable public and private hosted solutions available to your business.

Contact us today and find out more about how our incredibly hosting solutions and services can benefit your business.