Supply Chain Logistics & Quality Control

Supply Chain Logistics & Quality Control

Quality issues can arise at any point in the supply and logistic chains, and it is critical that any issues are uncovered as early as possible to prevent delays and damages to IT hardware supplies which would only serve to incur excess costs.

Everything IT fully understand the need to mitigate risks to our customers to reputation, legal compliance, and safety, within the supply and logistics chain.

Suboptimal supply chain quality management can result in higher production and distribution costs and contribute to revenue loss as a result of unplanned downtime, delays, and disruption.

At Everything IT, we are selective about who we choose to supply our clients with the hardware, software, and business solutions they need in order to effectively manage their organization. We have created a list of strict criteria that every supplier must meet. Some of our criteria include:

The materials must be high quality, be able to keep your digital data secure and have as little of an impact on our environment as possible

The materials must be safe and not have an adverse effect on the health of those using it.

Everything IT is an approved agent for Microsoft, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Intel, IBM, Lenovo, and Cisco. The products we use for ICT support service at Everything IT conform and are in full compliance with the highest industry legislation and regulations.

Getting The Right Goods To You, Intact & On Time

At Everything IT, we are selective about who we choose to deliver goods to our clients.

All our transport partners are evaluated, and risk assessed in terms of their suitability and policies in relation the secure transportation of any digital media are also in effect. We here at Everything It take the business of customer privacy and data protection seriously. Security measures are taken to make sure that data is safe throughout all levels of the supply chain.

Logistics management at Everything IT involves the acquisition, storage, and transportation of inventory from its origin to its destination. It involves maintaining the inventory, resources, and related information, and getting the goods to the right location at the right time and to the right customer.