Meet our professionals

Denis Mc Auliffe

Managing Director

With 20yrs+ of experience working in the IT industry, Denis excels in Innovation, Enterprise Strategy and Business Architecture, helping clients to design and architect solutions, with sometimes complex, critical business requirements. 

Denis has a breadth of experience in Enterprise and Security Architecture. He currently focuses on Cloud Architecture implementing solutions, for Identity & Access Management, Application Security and Mobility, essential requirements for the modern working environment.

Through leveraging efficient, modern cloud design principles, Denis helps clients to modernize enterprises through targeted plans to the realisation of carefully constructed architecture designs. In all his projects Denis provides on-going implementation oversight and leads his team in supporting clients to accelerate their digital innovation initiatives by utilising some of the most powerful cloud technologies on the market.

Casey Sirchia

R&D and Technical Director

With 20yrs+ of experience working in the IT industry, Casey specialises in Data Centre technologies, Large Distributed Storage, Resilient Networks, Cloud and On-Premises Servers, with a strong focus on Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery. 

His deep virtualization and systems management experience coupled with his strong networking and storage infrastructure knowledge helps reduce risk and complexity and minimize disruption by providing predictable outcomes to our clients. 

Casey is a firm believer in  non-disruptive support, as part of any technology innovation, allowing our clients to take advantage of new technologies without having to execute costly and disruptive technology transitions. 

Casey oversees the capacity management functions of the organisation ensuring that our clients systems deliver consistent performance even as capacity grows and in line with storage efficiency.

Ahson Pasha

Operations & Technical Director

With 18+ years of experience working in the IT industry. At Everything IT, Ahson specialises Enterprise Switching & Routing architecture and Cloud Telephony Technologies. 

He has a breadth of experience in in LAN, WLAN and Storage Area Networks Design, Distributed Computing Systems, NextGen Firewall Management, and WAN connectivity. 

Ahson is currently working with modern Cloud Storage Architecture technologies and due to increasing demand, implementing mobile device management and data privacy solution for our clients. 

Ahson also advises clients on business continuity strategies from analysis through to deployment. Planning ahead in the event of an adverse situations is an essential part of any organisations BCP. 

Ahson helps client to understand critical aspects of BCP such as network redundancy and security. As Everything IT’s HR Lead, Ahson drives, Everything IT’s talent acquisition and employee retention strategies and is a firm believer in investing in people as our greatest assets and that success is about continually growing others. To coin the phrase, as Aristotle put it, if we are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act, but an actual habit. 

Faraz Irfan

Chief Financial Officer & Sales Director

With 20yrs+ of experience working in the IT Product industry, Faraz is responsible for the management of all vendor partnerships for Everything IT. 

Throughout his career Faraz has developed long standing relationships across a wide network of suppliers and vendors throughout Ireland, Europe and the UK. Faraz oversees, the management of our supply chain logistics. 

Each vendor has been carefully selected and is continually evaluated in ensuring that the quality and infosec standards expected of Everything IT  by our clients, are upheld. 

Faraz’s extensive knowledge of the distribution channels, and his wide range of contacts in the industry, enables him to work with our clients in delivering on their strategic procurement requirements. 

Faraz brings a razor-sharp focus to the complexities of technology investment, the need for a solid business case that delivers on operational efficiencies as well as strategic goals. His excellent negotiation skills, and his ability to secure high quality business grade products at the best prices possible has benefited the advancement of our clients for many years.

Clara Mc Auliffe

Quality, Infosec & Business Development

Clara is an accomplished Quality Professional with over 15yrs+ experience working in cross-Industry. In her role, Clara sits on the Everything IT leadership team advising on Information Security and Data Protection Policy, as the DPO for Everything IT. 

Clara oversees the systems and controls required to successfully maintain our ISO27001 Certification and also acts as Internal Auditor for evaluating performance. Clara has deep experience of working with clients in public sector and Finance to align their regulatory IT & GDPR obligations with their internal processes and achieve compliance. 

From a Service Quality perspective, Clara is consistently striving to improve on how Everything IT does business end to end, from documenting policy, to streamlining processes, facilitating our organisational development, with the aim of improving every interaction we have with our clients. 

She is people-oriented and passionate about Customer Experience, combining this with her love of data to inform the right decisions for everyone.