At Everything IT, Managed IT Services and Solutions are our passion. We are 100% privately owned and operated. Since our formation in 2010, our multi-faceted team of engineers & procurement experts has grown extensively. Over the years Everything IT has grown organically, mirroring the continual evolution of our clients requirements and the realisation of their growth strategies.

Today, we work with over 200 companies in Ireland, across Europe, the US & Canada, delivering enterprise-wide solutions that drive productivity and profitability. We are constantly upskilling our experts and reinventing our role in the IT value chain, to give our clients the support and expertise they need to be able to stay ahead competitively and achieve success.

For some clients we act as their outsourced IT department and for others, we are a trusted partner delivering key technology projects. In fast changing environments we take the stress and complication out of managing busy IT Departments. We are always available to provide advice and solve issues as they arise, but most importantly, we proactively work with you to avoid problems in the first place. Unlike some of our larger competitors, our leadership team are 100% hands on.

Everything IT has well established partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers across Europe and the UK. New products and emerging technologies are constantly being developed that businesses can utilise to grow their business, save money and be more efficient. Being a continuously developing organisation, we pride ourselves on promoting the newest technologies available today.

Everything IT’s ultimate goal is to help you maximise the value of your technology investment. We do so through our commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Everything IT’s ultimate goal is to help you maximise the value of your technology investment.

We do so through our commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Our consistently high customer satisfaction rating and almost 100% customer retention rate highlights, Everything IT’s excellent support service and dedication at every level; from account management and procurement services to helpdesk and project delivery services. 

Our ISO 27001 certification further validates our commitment to quality and information security standards in every area of the business.

Dedication, Expertise, and Trust are the main reasons why businesses choose Everything IT, as their IT solutions and support partner; 

We are motivated by a commitment to customer care, and we have a genuine interest in how current technologies can bring the right solutions to the organisations we work with.

Values of EIT

Integrity, Honesty, Trust & Accountability

These values are at the core of what we stand for and how we build our relationships.
We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.
We do the right thing for all our clients.
We’re dedicated individually and collectively.

Innovation, Expertise, Ownership & Leadership

We encourage thoughtful, creative, and inspirational ideas from our people to help shape better solutions for our clients.
We infuse expertise into everything we do.
Ownership is taking the initiative to bring about positive results.
Leadership have the moral courage and ethical strength, in contributing to the growth of others and demonstrating reliability, fulfilling expectations through consistency and congruency.

Respect, Commitment to Clients, Simplicity

We value our engineers, encourage their development, and reward their performance.
In our commitment to our client’s we know to Focus on the User and all else will follow.
Simplicity brings clarity instead of confusion, and decision instead of doubt.

Quality, Continuous Learning, & Constant Improvement

Quality for us means, maintaining rigorous standards and ensuring superior quality products and a reliable and responsive service.
We define continuous learning as ‘constant personal and professional growth.
Constant improvement is a way of thinking.